Rosen Method Bodywork

Accessing the Unconscious through Touch

Rosen Method benefits people from all walks of life who want greater physical and emotional aliveness. While it involves touch, Rosen Method Bodywork is not massage. We call it a "listening touch" which provides access to our unconscious through the body. The aim is to explore the connection between tense muscles and emotional patterns, using touch, talking, and the breath as tools. Unresolved past experiences or emotions once unacceptable to those around us are held in the body as tight blocked areas. This process develops our ability to uncover hidden truths about mysterious aches and pains, to live in the present, and to feel more confident and rooted in the body. Rosen 250w As the process unfolds, habitual tension and old patterns may be recognized and released, allowing the client to experience new choices in life and a greater sense of well-being. Sessions can be a very effective compliment to verbal counseling and/or many physical therapies.

Marion Rosen, a pioneering influence in somatic therapies, was trained as a physical therapist in pre-war Germany and Scandinavia, as well as at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Her work has spread around the world and is highly regarded wherever it is known. Influenced by European experts in breathwork, bodywork and psychoanalysis, Marion Rosen developed her work by observing clients who responded to her unique blend of touch, presence and mindful attention to emotional release. Marion Rosen teaches that relaxation is so powerful, it is the gateway to awareness, the gateway to the unconscious. Rosen training teaches how to address the pain, tension and trauma clients carry in their bodies. Practioners are guided to bring about a change in themselves, and to help clients find new energy for living fully.

"The body tells the clearest, what we want to hide the most" – Marion Rosen